Our Staff

I think it was inevitable that I became a woodworker and a furniture maker. The smell of sawdust and shellac still bring back memories of working in my Dad's basement shop when I was so small I had to stand on a stool to use the tools. Being a furniture maker is a part of who I am, and that I think, is why this is more than just a business to me. I love what I do and hopefully that comes across in the furniture we make.

We are a small business consisting of myself; two full-time furniture makers, Vester and Eddie, and my wife Glenda.

Vester Walsh has been with me since 1988. I have seen him grow from being a teenager, to a husband and a father of three, and even a grandfather. He has also grown to be an accomplished furniture maker. Vester's specialties are bookcases, tables, beds, and chairs.

Eddie Austin is the third woodworking member of Probst Furniture Makers. Eddie started working for me in 2000, while still in high school. He has been at the shop full time since he graduated high school, except for a two year stint where he worked for me part-time, while pursuing a degree in furniture making from the University of Rio Grande, where he graduated first in his class. Eddie focuses his skills on the case work pieces that we make, where he excels at the fitting of drawers and doors. Eddie is also my son-in-law, married to another important member of our family, my daughter Emma.

The last (and certainly not least) member of Probst Furniture Makers is my wife Glenda. Besides putting up with being the wife of an artist craftsman for over 30 years now, Glenda is also our accountant and marketing advisor. There are just so many ways that I couldn't get by without her.